History of Beijing Tong Ren Tang

Since 2009, NCG Ginseng Inc. has been in partnership with Beijing Tong Ren Tang Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TRT Health) to bring China the highest grade of wild American ginseng, as well as cultivated American ginseng grown in the State of Wisconsin, USA. 

Beijing Tong Ren Tang is a historical institution founded in 1669 by Imperial decree, that has been trusted since to supply China with authentic, and superior quality pharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicine, as well as health supplements. TRT is a leading institution in paving the way, and being the first, for bringing many products from abroad to China, all while adhering to the strictest quality control. As such, the name 'TRT' is today synonymous with authenticity, excellence, as well as trust for providing the best products available in any given market. TRT holds some of the strictest requirements in terms of product regulation; one of the main reasons as to how it remains a household name almost 350 years since foundation.

With all of the aforementioned taken into consideration, it is with great pride that NCG can boast that Beijing Tong Ren Tang has entrusted us to be their sole partner for supplying them with Wisconsin & wild American ginseng, fulfilling orders for over 1800 shops (and still increasing) throughout China; please see below for an example of a legal document showing our relationship. As Beijing Tong Ren Tang's sole purchasing agent of Wisconsin-grown American ginseng, we buy only roots that adhere to the highest standard of quality as established by Beijing Tong Ren Tang. All of our products meet the standards established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environment Protection Administration (EPA).

NCG is honoured to be in partnership with a historical institution at the caliber of Beijing Tong Ren Tang. We are also thrilled to be able to share with China the superb ginseng America and Wisconsin has to offer.

In light of this partnership, and in keeping with the mission statement of NCG, since November 2014, NCG has decided to facilitate access to authentic, supreme quality Wisconsin and wild American ginseng to ginseng-enthusiasts within the US by making our products available on our website.

As of May 2015, NCG has been accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with the highest A+ rating as well as Something Special from Wisconsin, both organizations dedicated to ensuring quality products and service.

We at NCG have taken multiple steps to ensure the authenticity, quality, and origin of the ginseng we acquire, and we believe in our products. We believe in our products so deeply that we want to share them and their great benefits with you risk-free, with a 30-day easy return policy.

Should you have any questions or concerns at all, regarding anything, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

-NCG Family


为何选择NCG - 同仁堂合作伙伴

     在威斯康辛州人工种植西洋参的行业里, NCG作为北京同仁堂健康药业的唯一授权的供应公司,身兼重任以保障几亿消费者的权益,为了保证西洋参的纯正来源及高品质,我们每一批西洋参都会经过检测,其重金属含量及农药残留问题均满足美国食品药品监督管理局(FDA)和美国国家环境保护局(EPA)的标准。

       因此我们可以自豪并骄傲的给您承诺,选择NCG西洋参,您将得到最原始发源地-威斯康辛州马拉松县出产的最高品质的西洋参,多重考验为我们确保了产品来源的真实性及质量上层的稳定性,因此NCG有足够的信心与您分享我们的产品。 如果我们的产品没有达到您理想的要求,我们接受您的退货以保障您的利益(退货细则)。


History of Beijing Tong Ren Tang

NCG GINSENG与北京同仁堂的西洋参进出口文件证明

Chinese CITES import permit of Beijing Tong Ren Tang Health Pharmaceutical company

American ginseng farm of Beijing Tong Ren Tang and NCG Ginseng

Superior quality ginseng from Beijing Tong Ren Tang

Low residues American ginseng of Beijing Tong Ren Tang