How do I join the NCG Rewards Program? 

Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled.
If you're a new customer or you do not have a store account, join the NCG Rewards Program today by clicking here to create your account.  
How do I earn points?

Earn 2 points for every $1 you spend (excluding any shipping fees, taxes, and discounts applied). 
Also, earn 500 points for every successful referral. Rewards are issued as coupon codes.
Reward Points
$5 Off 500
$10 Off 1,000
$25 Off 2,350
$50 Off 4,500

What is a 'Referral'?

When you first create a store account with us you will also be given your own personal referral link. Please click here to see your personal referral link. 
You can share this link with friends, and give them $10 off their first purchase, and also earn 500 points for yourself using your personal referral link.

My friend sent me a referral link to, where's my discount code?

If you have trouble receiving the referral email sent, be sure to check your spam folder.
Once you open the e-mail, follow the link that will bring you to NCG's homepage.
A pop-up should load prompting you to enter your e-mail address.
When submitted, a $10 off coupon code should arrive in your inbox shortly (if not, check your spam folder). Please remember that all coupons are only valid within 30 days of receipt!
If you still have trouble to get your coupon code, please clear the cookies in your browser and then try again the steps above.

How do I see my NCG points balance? 

First, you need to be signed in to your store account.
NCG points balance can be seen on the Rewards Widget located at the bottom left of the store.  

How do I redeem rewards? 

First, you need to be signed in to your store account.
Rewards can be redeemed through the Redeem Page, which can be accessed through the Rewards Widget located at the bottom left of the store.  

How do I use my rewards?

Rewards are issued as coupon codes.
Remember to apply the reward coupon code on the payment page during checkout; It cannot be combined with any other promotional codes, and doesn't apply to promotional products.
Any remaining balance of coupon code will not be carried over, so we recommend using the full value of your coupon for your order!


Please read and agree to the NCG Rewards Terms of Use before using this Rewards program by clicking here.

We reserve the right to end the NCG Rewards program at any given time without prior notice.


*** 积分换折扣活动 ***



1.  NCG有账户老顾客:您可直接登录账户而自动激活积分活动,您此前在NCG的消费总金额也将会被折算为积分为您导入;

2.  NCG无账户老顾客:如果您之前只在NCG消费过但并没有建立过账户,那么需要您以之前消费时登记的邮箱信息来新申请账户,即可加入积分活动;

3.  NCG新顾客:如果您是第一次来到NCG,那么请单击这里创建您的账户,即可加入NCG的积分活动。 


1.  消费累计:您在NCG消费的金额数(只包括折扣后的产品费用,不含运费税费),会在您消费成功之后,自动以x2的积分数为您累计,即$1.00→2分;

2.  售后评价:在您消费之后的一周内,会收到NCG发送的售后评价链接,在成功评价之后,NCG会赠与您200积分;

3.  分享购物:如果您成功的将NCG分享给您的亲朋好友,每一次成功的分享将收获500分。(分享细节内容请参考后文) 


分值 可兑换金额
500 $5.00
1000 $10.00
2350 $25.00
4500 $50.00


        首先,需要登陆您的账户,然后点此处或通过下边栏“NCG Rewards”,在”Account”页面中点击“Refer a Friend & Get a Reward”就会弹出您的专属分享链接,您可以通过任何渠道发送此链接给您的亲朋好友,如果他/她们通过此链接来到NCG网站会得到由您送出的$10的折扣代码以供第一次消费使用,如果他/她们成功消费,那么每成功一笔订单都将会有500积分自动进入您的账户。




        首先,您需要登陆您的账户,即可在下边栏“NCG Rewards”查看您当前的积分。


        首先,您需要登陆您的账户,然后通过下边栏“NCG Rewards”,在”Redeem”页面根据您当前的积分选择兑换相应金额。金额使用代码将通过邮件发送至您的账户邮箱。




    在开始进行积分活动之前,请点击这里阅读本次活动的相关条款。 此福利随时有可能被更改,恕不另行通知。